City aviation expert says IATA travel pass could boost summer travel • City, University of London


Linus Bauer, guest speaker on air transport management at City, says the introduction of an International Air Transport Association (IATA) travel pass will restore travelers’ confidence:

“Digital initiatives like the IATA Travel Pass will go a long way in restoring the confidence of air travelers this summer. “

This comes against the backdrop of the UK government confirming that international travelers will be asked to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination and test status using the NHS smartphone app. Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said work has started on developing the app that many people use to make an appointment with their GP so it can show if they’ve been vaccinated and tested. for the virus.

Bauer, an expert in the aviation industry, said complicated travel rules and complex requirements were “the real killer of aviation” and confidence in air travel over the past year, rather than the coronavirus itself.

The lack of commitment to aviation around the world on the part of many governments around the world has also played a role in the destruction of confidence in air transport to this day. They had about 14 months to develop a global standard framework to restore air transport. The lack of fluidity and clarity in the airline industry has caused people to refrain from air travel during the pandemic.

The City alumnus said for the upcoming busier air travel season this summer, people will be looking for a smoother travel experience – one of the key factors influencing purchasing decisions such as flight bookings. and hotels.

Citing the example of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bauer says that “the implementation of a comprehensive digital verification of COVID-19 tests and vaccination records for travelers based in the United Arab Emirates is another example of the reason why the UAE including their entire aviation value chain (e.g. airlines and airports) can be considered as one of the leading innovators for the aviation industry. aviation and tourism in a post-pandemic world.

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