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When Pamela Mazerski finds out that she needs surgery and can’t make it to Madrid, she asks her online travel agency for a refund for a plane ticket. She says the company negotiated a refund on her behalf, but now refuses to transfer the money. Which give?

Question: I recently found out that I needed surgery. I had a Baltimore-Madrid flight scheduled on American Airlines, so I contacted my online travel agent, AirTkt, to request a refund.

I completed the papers and sent AirTkt a letter from Johns Hopkins stating that I would be unable to fly. American Airlines reimbursed AirTkt based on my medical letter. But now I can’t get AirTkt to reimburse me. I have a credit card that provides travel insurance, but this requires that I first request a refund from the airlines. Can you help me get my plane ticket refunded?

– Pamela Mazerski, Ellicott City, Maryland.

A: I’m sorry to hear that you need surgery. At a time like this, everyone should be sympathetic to your situation. If, indeed, AirTkt took a refund for a plane ticket from American Airlines and did not send the money, that would be unethical.

Generally, non-refundable tickets are, as the name suggests, completely non-refundable. You can either buy a more expensive refundable ticket (but these can double or triple the cost of your plane ticket) or purchase a “cancel for any reason” insurance policy (twice as expensive as the cost of your plane ticket). regular insurance, and you can only get a percentage of your money). As a result, most people roll the dice, hoping they don’t get sick or their plans change.

There must be a better way. Either airlines need to offer more reasonable and changeable fares, or they need to relax their strict rules for changing tickets. The change fees and fare differentials you have to pay are often more expensive than the ticket. Go on!

By the way, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on your credit card coverage. Cards normally cover specific events like lost luggage and missed connections, but you may have difficulty filing a claim due to your surgery. Still worth a try.

I list them executive contacts for American Airlines on my consumer advocacy site, You could have asked for clarification on the status of your refund and who received it.

Turns out no one got it because there was no refund. I checked with the airline, and they told me they refused a refund for your plane ticket. According to American Airlines, having surgery – or at least your type of surgery – is not a sufficient reason for a ticket refund. Normally, airlines will reimburse non-refundable tickets in the event of serious life-threatening medical conditions or the death of a passenger. And they make some exceptions.

Fortunately, after bringing this case to the attention of the airline, they decided to make an exception for you. You have received a full refund of the $ 585 you had to pay for your ticket to Madrid. I wish you a quick recovery.

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