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Proving that the current state of the travel industry is not entirely pessimistic, a new company has emerged that promises a unique proposition for agents.

Founded by the former Managing Director of QBT and Travel Counselors, David Hughes and the Buerckner family (Platinum Travel Corp), Entourage Travel Group offers corporate and leisure agents and agencies a “fully flexible, tiered broker model with a generous share of commission, a mixture of exemptions and an opportunity to participate in the company ”.

According to the company, partners will benefit from access to Platinum Travel Corp’s suite of travel technology and administrative support based on their needs, while reserving the right to work when and where it best suits their business. and their customers.

Entourage offers four different tiers: a basic connected model providing partners with a profitable opportunity to stay engaged with their customers and industry while travel restrictions remain in place; to an enterprise solution for those looking for a complete suite of travel management systems and solutions.

“As I worked in global companies and brokers over the past few years, I became aware of a number of different travel business models that weren’t necessarily available in this market because they just weren’t there. good solution, ”said Hughes.

“Well, COVID-19 changed all that, and what it takes now is a business that’s for the times, not because of the times.

“In partnership with the Platinum team, who are themselves innovators in business travel and MICE, we are excited to be able to bring this to the Australian travel landscape at the right time.

“You can’t just hang a sign on your doorstep overnight and say you’re a network of brokers. Brokers have unique support, systems and technology requirements, and only experience can meet the needs of agents and agencies.

Andrew Buerckner said Entourage is first and foremost about being a “lean but robust, family-focused broker model that we want to serve as a home for agent expertise and experience – where our partners share financial success and corporate culture and where they know how much they matter ”.

“We are the first to admit that Entourage will not be for everyone: membership will ultimately be exclusive, due to the obvious limitations in the number of shareholders,” he explained.

“But we know this will be the perfect home for key industry leaders – for agents and agencies who want to work with a collective of ambitious and like-minded professionals who share their optimism in an ever-changing travel landscape. evolution.”

Entourage partners will benefit from a local alliance with Magellan Travel, UNIGLOBE’s global purchasing power and network, Signature Travel’s global VIP hotel program, and technology, resources, reputation and long-term relationships of Platinum Travel Corp with airline, cruise and land partners.

Interested agents and agencies are invited to contact Hughes or Buerckner for a confidential discussion. More precise details of the offer to partners are available on request.

Featured image caption: Carl Buerckner, Sarah Szubanski, Andrew Buerckner and David Hughes, directors of Entourage Travel Group

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