Manila seeks to abolish travel pass and health certificate for travelers: senior official


People wearing face masks and face shields as protection against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) line up outside a recently reopened historic site in Manila, the Philippines on February 18, 2021.
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Manila: The Duterte administration is considering a move to remove the nationwide travel authorization and medical certificate requirement, a senior government official said on Tuesday.

A decision has not been finalized, but the government is finding ways to harmonize security protocols to help boost local travel and tourism, said Epimaco Densing III, undersecretary of the Home Office and Tourism Department. Local Governments (DILG) at ABS-CBN Teleradyo.

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“We want to remove the travel authorization and local health certificates – because they are irrelevant. Our police officers would focus on issuing travel authorization instead of implementing peace and order, ”the official told the Philippine-language radio station.

“Secondly, the city’s health certificate is no longer relevant, especially since if it was issued three days before the trip, it is irrelevant. I could still be infected with COVID-19 along the way, ”the official added.

But Densing said these are “subject to discussion” as they will soon harmonize all travel policies in local government units (LGUs) to boost tourism.

Boost for tourism

“There is some confusion, but since we have the policy of the government and the IATF (Interagency Task Force) that we must slowly relax travel restrictions for tourism purposes, we must have common protocols,” he said. -he adds.

Earlier, Densing said they were considering removing the requirement to perform a swab test before travel protocols for all LGUs.

Terminal-to-terminal assessment

He said they would instead require travelers to undertake a clinical assessment at the originating terminal and at the destination terminal.

To prevent community transmission in their areas, LGUs are requiring negative COVID-19 test results, medical clearances and travel passes.

Cebu relaxes travel protocols

Cebu has already relaxed its travel protocols by completely removing COVID-19 testing requirements for visitors, according to a report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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