New Orleans Travel Guide – Hotels, Things to Do, Restaurants and More

  • New Orleans is a vibrant destination that celebrates music, food and festivals around every corner.
  • There are hotel, restaurant, and activity options when planning a trip to the Big Easy.
  • Insider has created a comprehensive travel guide for visiting New Orleans.

New Orleans, aka Crescent City or Big Easy, is a small town in the Deep South with a big reputation. European, Caribbean and African influences have combined here for three centuries, creating an American city like no other. It’s a bustling and vibrant destination where locals celebrate day-to-day life through the music, food, and festivals that define the city’s character, including Mardi Gras, perhaps the biggest free party on Earth.

The historic French Quarter, the tourist hub, boasts hundreds of years of tradition, apparent in its distinctive architecture. Stroll through the neighborhood or the equally historic African American Quarter of Treme and feel 300 years of history bubbling through the streets. Live music emanates from almost every street in downtown, from the jazz clubs of Frenchmen Street to the bustling venues of Preservation Hall to the marching bands set up in Jackson Square playing for passers-by.

With parades for everything from weddings to funerals, everyday life has become an art form. Irresistible Cajun and Creole dishes make New Orleans the most interesting foodie destination in the country. The choice of restaurants, from high end to hole in the wall, is world class. Restaurants serve traditional and updated versions of classics such as okra and jambalaya, as well as some of the country’s best fresh seafood and a plethora of house cocktails.

There are cultural and music festivals year round, with Jazz Fest in the spring, Voodoo Fest in the fall, and Satchmo Fest in the summer.

Parks and green spaces abound, from the lush expanse of City Park to the windy shores of the mighty Mississippi River, teeming with steamboats and ferries.

New Orleans is a vital and proud city – a destination that offers a warm welcome to anyone with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

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