Niarra — A new travel agency with sustainable goals recently started welcoming travelers



Everything we know and love about travel has undergone a massive overhaul over the past year and a half. We are always eager to explore the world, but we are more aware than ever of health and environmental issues. Seeking to continue creating amazing travel experiences with a clear conscience, Niarra has recently started creating eco-friendly adventures for sophisticated travelers.

Niarra has a multi-pronged approach to the wellness journey. The group, led by CEO Byron Thomas, seeks to focus on both transparency and purpose. Thomas notes that expensive routes to far-flung destinations, such as Africa or South America, often result in local communities and conservation efforts receiving only a fraction of the cost of customers. Niarra seeks to change the traditional business model of tour operators by offering competitive prices, while sending more revenue to those who need it most.

Instead of taking a traditionally larger commission, Niarra has created a new model that takes a 10% commission to ensure that more money stays with local communities and employees. Company travel partners can also choose to pay the standard 20% and then pledge to donate half to meaningful community projects. In addition, the company has committed to donating 1% of all its revenues to selected carbon initiatives. Giving travelers more information about fees increases transparency and may even help stimulate industry-wide price movements.

Sustainability is important to both Niarra and most of her customers. The team of experts have years of experience working with many properties and tour operators around the world and can steer travelers towards exceptional experiences that also take environmental concerns into account. The company works with partners who have reached key milestones, as well as with smaller properties that are striving to meet green goals. The company can introduce travelers to lesser-known properties such as Tswalu in South Africa, Misool Marine Reserve in Indonesia, Borana Lodge in Kenya and Caiman Ecological Reserve in Brazil, all of which have made conservation a key element. of their offers.

While travel cautiously comes back, outdoor adventures can be the safest vacations and can also truly provide an opportunity to get away from the boredom of our screens. Some of Thomas’ favorite places to travel at the moment include Africa and Central and South America. A safari is really an ideal trip “because they are naturally extremely private, off the beaten track, low in density and can be easily accommodated in the small lodges we work with,” he says. Another great family destination is Costa Rica. The best of the country takes place outdoors, and visitors can enjoy wild beaches, rainforests, zip lines, volcanic hikes, and outdoor chocolate tastings.

Travelers who want a great travel experience with excellent service and knowledgeable staff don’t have to give up their environmental concerns. They just need to partner with a tour operator like Niarra who shares their travel vision. Travelers can then leave a smaller footprint and also make a more meaningful contribution to some of the most beautiful but endangered regions of the world.

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