NYC Creates Travel Guide For Wash Heights: Did They Get It Right?


WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – The movie “In The Heights” is only seven days away, and the buzz surrounding the movie means more people than usual are hearing the Washington Heights name.

The film, created by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Washington Heights, shines a light on the vibrant community of Upper Manhattan and shines a spotlight on New York’s Latin culture. It hits theaters and on HBO Max on June 10.

In honor of the film’s opening, NYC & Company and Warner Bros. Pictures announced a new partnership on Thursday to promote “In The Heights” and the community it showcases.

The promotion includes all new content celebrating the film, a dozen exclusive interviews featuring the film’s cast and creative crew, behind-the-scenes photography and a new travel guide featuring the best things to see in Washington Heights.

“The energy of Washington Heights is unlike any other in New York. Hold on for a moment, you enjoy the serenity at the Met Cloisters overlooking the Hudson River,” reads the city’s introduction to Washington Heights Travel Guide . “Turn the corner on Audubon Avenue and you might stumble upon a barbecue-fueled poolside party where a family tries to cool off on a sweltering summer day.”

New York City’s official travel agency divides the Washington Heights travel guide into three-day events to do. Let us know in the comments if you think they got it right.

Day 1: Friday

  • Head to Floridita Bakery at 4187 Broadway for a coffee, fresh juice, or a Caribbean delicacy. From the Cuban Bakery, stroll to J. Hood Wright Park and find the George Washington Bridge viewpoint at the northwest corner. Open your food bag and eat while looking at the water.
  • Return to Broadway at 175th Street and find the United Palace Theater. On June 10, it will host the premiere of “In The Heights” at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Stroll through La Plaza de la Americas past the iconic theater before heading to Luisa Chimi on St. Nicholas Avenue for a Dominican burger.
  • Once you are done with the burger, walk along Saint Nicholas and head east towards Audubon and Amerstadam avenues for a “real sense of community”. The guide recommends stopping at the Miss Rizos salon, a Dominican-owned salon that is a “relatively new landmark”.
  • End the evening at La Casa Del Mofongo, on Avenue Saint-Nicolas between 182nd and 183rd Street. The restaurant serves a variety of mofongos, tropical cocktails and has live music on weekends.

Day 2: Saturday

  • Head to Dominican-Caribbean Malecon restaurant on Broadway for people-watching and great food. The recommended breakfast consists of mashed green plantains, fried eggs, salami and fried cheese topped with sautéed red onions.
  • From there, walk to Fort Tryon Park, where you can spread a blanket and take in views of the Hudson River. You can also find the arches of the Billings Arcade and visit the medieval branch of the Met Museum, The Cloisters.
  • Return to St. Nicholas and visit Lola Lola on 175th Street, which serves a tasty mix of Latin-Mediterranean fare with seafood as the focal point. If you don’t like seafood, you can also visit Manolos Tapas at 4165 Broadway.
  • After eating, the travel guide recommends heading to the entrance to Rail Tunnel 1 at 191st and Broadway for an “iconic neighborhood photoshoot.” Snap a few photos and head to the nearby Locksmith, a neighborhood bar on Broadway that serves frozen Henny coladas, margaritas and mojitos, as well as specialty beers and lomo saltado, a Peruvian steak with fresh cut fries and of white rice.
  • For an after-hours spot, the city recommends going to Tu Cachapa for traditional Venezuelan street food that stays open until 4 a.m. on weekends.

Day 3: Sunday

  • Start your last weekend day in Washington Heights by resetting with a caffeinated brew or juice from Green Juice Café at 4316 Broadway.
  • After your coffee, head to Highbridge Park and back and forth across the High Bridge.
  • Continue your neighborhood park tour by heading west to Fort Washington Park, finding the path that takes you above Henry Hudson Drive, and ending at the iconic Little Red Lighthouse.
  • If you still have some energy after your stroll, head to the Zoe Restaurant & Lounge at 1559 St. Nicholas Avenue for some Latino-style steak and eggs.
  • Before leaving the neighborhood, take a stroll along 181st Street between Broadway and Audubon Avenue, or on Dyckman Street between Broadway and Nagle Avenue. The travel guide says both are bustling aisles with vendors or piraguas (crushed ice), pinchos (skewers), and frituras (fried items).

You can check out the full travel guide for yourself here.

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