RwandAir becomes first African airline to test IATA travel pass –


RwandAir becomes the first African airline to test the IATA Travel Pass

RwandAir becomes the first African airline to test the IATA Travel Pass to ensure safe and transparent international connectivity, starting a three-week test plan in April for customers traveling between Kigali, Rwanda and Nairobi, Kenya.

IATA Travel Pass is a digital application whose sole purpose is to help passengers verify that they are safely complying with the COVID-19 test or vaccine travel requirements and, in turn, to help donate governments have the confidence to reopen borders.

Developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association of the world’s airlines, the platform is designed to be integrated with airline applications, so travelers easily understand what they need before to fly.

The travel app has a range of features, including a register of test centers and laboratories at the departure and / or arrival location that can perform COVID-19 testing depending on the type of testing required for the trip.

Yvonne Manzi Makolo, CEO of RwandAir, said: “RwandAir is proud to be the first African airline to test the IATA Travel Pass, which could strengthen all the health and safety measures and protocols we have in place. to restore customer confidence to fly once. Following. We are extremely proud to be part of the IATA Industry Advisory Group, to ensure we guide technology development in a way that covers the unique requirements of our passenger profile.

“IATA’s innovative solution simplifies and digitally transmits the information required by countries and governments around the world through our air systems, in a secure and efficient manner,” he continued.

Travel Pass will make it easy for our customers to resume their flights – and just as easy for RwandAir and airlines around the world to accept them. “

Alexandre de Juniac, Managing Director and CEO of IATA, said: “RwandAir demonstrates its industry leadership in Africa by becoming the first airline on the continent to test the IATA Travel Pass. RwandAir has long used IATA products as the most reliable source of information on entry requirements. This essay will build on that history of working in partnership and take us one step further in the context of COVID-19. IATA Travel Pass will give governments the confidence to reopen their borders knowing that arriving passengers are in full compliance with any testing or vaccination requirements. “

RwandAir customers participating in the trial will create a ‘digital passport’ that verifies that their COVID-19 test or pre-trip vaccination meets the requirements of the destination they are traveling to.

Travelers will also be able to safely and securely share their test and vaccination certificates with participating authorities and airlines around the world to ensure a smooth trip.

RwandAir joins other airlines testing the pass, including Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Copa Airlines and Air New Zealand.

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