San Francisco Travel Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat and More


If it hadn’t been for COVID, this time of year in San Francisco, California would have typically been spent outdoors due to the region’s sunny weather. Despite the fact that the norm has been upset this year, we want to help you find ways to have a good time and take advantage of the activities that are still available. Read on – we’ve listed the best places to stay, eat, and have fun in the Golden City.

Just a reminder that the restrictions are constantly changing, so keep that in mind and check before you do anything or go anywhere.

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Where to stay

Best Design: San Francisco proper

The San Francisco Proper is housed inside a flat iron building at the intersection of three busy streets. The 1904 building originally had only two floors. Due to fires, a number of renovations have taken place over the years. Today, a variety of influences come together at the San Francisco Proper. From French and European to pre-modernism and cubism, the hotel is a feast for the eyes with crazy colors. One of the highlights of the 131 rooms is the wallpaper inspired by vintage European graphics from various countries. With a rooftop terrace and stunning city views, the San Francisco Proper is conveniently located just minutes from Union Square, SoMa, Hayes Valley, and the Central Market-Civic Center.

  • Nearest airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Time: 30 minutes by car
  • Distance: 13 miles


Best location: Hotel Phoenix

This 1950s car-styled hotel reflects the rock’n’roll spirit that took place there. It is located a short distance from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and the Great American Music Hall. Its location and popularity with musicians has made the Phoenix Hotel a second home for generations of touring groups.

  • Nearest airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Time: 22 minutes by car
  • Distance: 11 miles


Ideal for families: Luxury loft with private roof terrace

Between a rooftop terrace for sunny days and heated floors for cold days, this luxury loft is the perfect space anytime of the year. This beautiful, bright three bedroom loft is located in the heart of SoMa. It even comes with a parking space in the garage, so you won’t have to brave the dangers of parking in town.

  • Nearest airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Time: 14 minutes by car
  • Distance: 9 miles


Ideal for art lovers: Hôtel Des Arts

Offering uniquely designed rooms created by local artists, this hotel offers a variety of amenities and is located in the heart of San Francisco. Hotel Des Arts is a short distance from Union Square, Chinatown and the Financial District. They also offer a free continental breakfast and a free cup of coffee 24 hours a day. If you have time, you can also admire the artwork of local artists in the hotel lobby gallery. You can also browse the Internet with their free wireless access.

  • Nearest airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Time: 20 minutes by car
  • Distance: 14.4 miles

Best luxury: Fairmont San Francisco

Experience world-class service and celebrity treatment at the Fairmont San Francisco, which is located atop Nob Hill in the center, and offers a full-service gym and spa. There are also three unique dining experiences onsite. This high-ceilinged hotel also offers panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Coit Tower and the Financial District from its unique rooms. You can also take advantage of a variety of shops available in the hotel, as well as free access to equipment, saunas and exercise classes at the on-site health club.

  • Nearest airport: San Francisco International Airport
  • Time: 21 minutes by car
  • Distance: 15.2 miles

Where to eat

We can’t wait to dine at some of our favorite restaurants now that the outdoor dining service is in full swing in San Francisco. Don’t worry about the weather either, as most places have heaters and blankets to make the experience manageable. Here are some places where you can sample popular San Francisco cuisines. Delivery and take out options are also always available.


Burmese cuisine is not as well known as the cuisines of its neighbors China, India and Thailand, but Mandalay has been serving exceptional Burmese cuisine since 1984. Foodies in San Francisco want exotic, unique and special options, and the Burmese cuisine is perfect. to mix together. Mandalay claims their food is a combination of Indian, Chinese, and Thai flavors, but with different preparations (their own style, if you will). Diners will find a variety of flavors to please their palates, from tangy dishes to spicy and tangy dishes. While Burmese restaurants are scarce in the rest of the country, San Francisco has embraced authentic Burmese cuisine.

  • Ideal for lunch and dinner
  • $$

Browse the menu

Kokkari Estiatorio

Kokkari Estiatorio owes its name to a small fishing village on the island of Samos, in the Aegean Sea. Legend has it that Kokkari is the site where Orion (the son of the Greek god Poseidon) fell in love with the daughter of the King of Chios. For his love, Orion hunted the island for wild game and seafood – which is why the restaurant uses the phrase “cuisine fit for the gods”. Kokkari Estiatorio has modernized a number of Greek dishes while remaining true to the characteristic tastes of a Greek table. Their menu features some of the most sought after traditional Aegean dishes, as well as seafood and game.

  • Ideal for lunch and dinner
  • $$$

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Ramen Bar Hinodeya

Look no further for your favorite ramen joint. Hinodeya stands out from the rest because it uses dashi-based ramen broth, while most other ramen shops use pork-based broth. The soup is clear and light, with a lingering umami taste to stimulate your appetite. Hinodeya has expanded to two locations in the Bay Area and one in Dallas.

  • Great for brunch, lunch and dinner
  • $$

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What to do

SF offers an endless list of activities and attractions. Whether you want to enjoy the outdoors, explore cultural attractions, or just take in a spectacular view, here are some options to keep you occupied and entertained during your stay in San Francisco.

Attend a Mad Tea Party

If you’ve been to Merchant Roots, you’ll know they have amazing menus that change quarterly, and their most recent is an interpretation of a Mad Hatter snack. The two tables in the outdoor parking lot are adorned with lanterns, upside down tea kettles, and ticking clocks. When it comes to food, think about traditional English classics. This whimsical experience is about more than the food, however.

Hit the slopes in Tahoe

You probably need a break from city life in San Francisco, and what could be better than enjoying a weekend in the snow capped mountains of Tahoe? Skiing and snowboarding are really very different this year as goggles are mandatory (they keep you warm anyway), and only sitting with your own group on the chairlifts is allowed. But hey, it’s still a fun outdoor activity!

Listen to music on the wave organ

The Wave Organ is an acoustic, wave-shaped, activated sculpture located on a pier in the San Francisco Bay Area. The concept was inspired by recordings of sounds coming from an aeration pipe that was part of a concrete floating dock in Australia. A prototype was built there as part of the New Music Festival in 1981. The “instrument” aroused so much enthusiasm that it was developed as a permanent piece. The pier itself was built with an assortment of carved granite and marble, which was also used in the construction of the organ. The installation includes 25 PVC and concrete organ pipes at different elevations. Sound is created by the impact of waves against the ends of the pipes with the constant movement of water in and out of the pipes. The Wave Organ sounds best at high tide.

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