Step-by-step QR code-based travel pass for Mumbai locals amid COVID restrictions

Mumbai local (Image: Pixabay)

Bombay : The government of Maharashtra has released a new QR code-based travel pass plan for boarding local trains in Mumbai, helping curb counterfeit tickets that were one of the top concerns for travel authorities.

The government led by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray is working with the railways on the five-tier strategy to travel using a QR code-based ID card, according to BMC.

Universal Travel Pass for Mumbaikars

The QR code-based pass will allow travel on local trains, Mumbai Metro and also monorail. Basically, this travel pass will keep a check on people who have traveled with fake cards or no tickets on local trains over the years.

Step-by-step guide to registering for the travel pass

In order to sign up for the Universal Travel Pass or QR Code Based Travel Pass to travel by train in Mumbai amid Covid-related sidewalks, you can simply follow the following steps. For now, according to reports, only establishments can register for this pass on the website.

Go to the website of the Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Department of the Maharashtra Relief Fund –

Now click on the Universal Travel Pass.

After that, click on Save your establishment.

Now, the establishment authority will need to enter information such as address, registration number, contact number of the coordinator, number of staff who need the pass, etc.

The request will be reviewed manually by the authorities and after obtaining the approval, the coordinator will be able to log in and enter the individual staff details.

Information such as name, identifier, mobile number, sex, age, department, designation must be entered.

Once the information is available, the staff member will receive an SMS.

The staff member can now log in using their mobile number.

Download the photo.

At the end, download the ticket.

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