This solo travel company is back with 17 new trips – from the wildebeest migration in Tanzania to a Northern Lights tour in Iceland


Wildebeest migration in Seronera, Tanzania

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After close his business last November, Flash Pack is back with its trips specially designed for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s – and the 17 newly organized itineraries promise more meaningful and inspired experiences than ever.

“We’ve spent the past 12 months obsessing over the details, delving into customer feedback, data and insights from our guides, and tweaking every trip from scratch,” said the co-founder Lee Thompson. Travel + Leisure. “For our relaunch, we’ve refined our portfolio from 74 trips to 17 to allow us to focus on those details and make sure every traveler experiences something really special – and a little unexpected.”

The relaunched company new trips understand short vacation five days or less in Finland, Iceland and Mexico City, as well as long-haul trips eight to 12 days in Argentina, Bali, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Japan, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkey and Vietnam.

“Our itineraries focus on offering experiences that would either be very difficult to achieve on your own, such as hiking secret backdoor in Petra in Jordan or lunch with a sumo wrestler in japan – or it would be too expensive – like staying on a private arctic island in Finland where to sleep in Land Rovers converted to the Serengeti in Tanzania and wake up to the greatest spectacle on Earth, ”he added. “The best thing about group travel is that not only do travelers get to meet a group of like-minded people, but it opens up so many opportunities that would be almost impossible to do on their own.”

Other highlights include the Escape to Argentina with a candlelit dinner in a prehistoric cave in Patagonia and making your own wine in Mendoza, and the Iceland tour led by a Northern Lights photographer, which includes an ice water immersion with a cold water therapy guru.

Thompson and his co-founder Radha Vyas got the idea on their first date in 2012. Two years later, the couple – who are now married – launched Flash Pack and began connecting travelers who had passed the low-budget group tours aimed at ages 20 and over. , but were also not quite ready for the often slower vacation which were usually packed with travelers over 50. Instead, these trips focus on must-see destinations with itineraries that blend both adventurous spirit and luxurious touches. But deep down, the company really aims to foster friendships between travelers.

“We believe that adventure and travel are two powerful ingredients that help facilitate the creation of lasting friendships, and each of our trips has been specially designed to build just that,” said Thompson. “For example in South Africa, travelers abseil Table Mountain on day one, bringing people out of their comfort zones in a shared experience [that] opens them to those connections. “

The downtime of the pandemic has placed this mission at the forefront of these new routes. “While it’s clear that travel is going to bounce back in huge ways, we need meaningful connections more than ever,” he told T + L, adding that 80% of former Flash Pack travelers stay on. contact with their travel companions. Before the break, the company made 50,000 friendships in just 2019.

“The pandemic has led to isolation and a feeling of loneliness,” Thompson said. “So our mission is to create a million meaningful friendships around the world.”

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