Travel agency says it sold fake badges and files a complaint


An Arizona company that specializes in selling golf vacations filed a lawsuit against Joe Mullins, alleging that he provided fake tickets to the 2018 masters tournament and failed to secure badges in 2019.

Golf Travel LLC filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Augusta on April 9. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than $ 1.5 million in future income, and punitive damages.

The Golf Travel lawsuit is the second to be filed in federal court against Mullins over the sale of Masters practice round tickets and tournament badges. In 2013, Global Events Management filed a lawsuit, alleging that Mullins was paid $ 300,000 for tournament badges but failed to deliver, which allegedly cost the company at least $ 900,000. This lawsuit was settled on undisclosed terms in February 2017.

Golf Travel’s lawsuit alleges it arranged to purchase 183 practice round tickets and 95 badges for the 2018 tournament. The company claims it paid Mullins a total of $ 606,150. But 43 of its customers were arrested at the portal for presenting fraudulent badges. Golf Travel clients were escorted from Augusta National Golf Club. Golf Travel claims it had to pay $ 200,400 to replace the badges and reimburse an additional $ 103,032.

The following year, before Golf Travel claimed to have learned what really happened in 2018, it paid Mullins $ 840,900 for practice tickets and tournament badges. The company alleges that Mullins did not deliver the tickets and badges and subsequently failed to return the money paid in advance.

The only authorized seller of Masters tickets and badges is Augusta National. For the 2022 tournament, entries can be submitted from June 1 to 21, according to an earlier report in The Chronicle of Augusta.

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