Travel agency sends 187 people on eight-day trip to Greece as part of Covid holiday experience


April 12, 2021, 11:05 | Updated: April 12, 2021 11:15 AM

Dutch company takes 187 people to a complex in Rhodes (stock images).

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A Dutch travel agency takes a group of tourists to a Greek island to see if tourism is feasible during the coronavirus pandemic.

A travel agency is taking nearly 200 people to Greece today (April 12) to test the feasibility of tourism during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Dutch company Sunweb takes a group of 187 tourists to the island of Rhodes for eight days.

The trip will cost € 399 (£ 344; $ 472) per person, which will be paid for by the tourists themselves.

The group will not be allowed to leave the complex and will have to quarantine themselves for up to 10 days upon their return home.

Tourists are heading to the Greek island of Rhodes, but they will not be able to leave the hotel (stock image)

Tourists are heading to the Greek island of Rhodes, but they will not be able to leave the hotel (stock image).

Image: Getty

A whopping 25,000 people applied to be part of the experience, and tickets were awarded based on who applied first.

Successful participants had to be between the ages of 18 and 70 and have no high-risk health conditions, reports the BBC.

Corina Gouderjaan, 51, told a Dutch broadcaster RTL Nieuws why she asked for a ticket, saying, “First I got the crown and got very sick. Then I lost my job. What now? I can’t wait to do nothing in a complex and recovering from this hectic year. “

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The selected tourists have been tested for Covid-19 before their trip, and they will also be tested afterwards.

If someone tests positive for Covid-19 while traveling, they will need to self-quarantine at a Greek Covid hotel – which will be paid for by the company.

Frank van Oostdam from the Holiday Industry Association ANVR told RTL Nieuws: “The Dutch are eager to go on holiday abroad again and the industry also wants to start again.

“But it must be done safely and in a coronavirus-proof manner. I have complete confidence that this initiative will show that you can enjoy a carefree vacation with a travel agency.”


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