TravelPulse Questions & Answers: Explore Georgia On Launch Of New Travel Guide For Tourism Resumption


The pandemic has changed the mindsets of many travelers, leading destinations to adjust on how to market.

For the state of Georgia, that meant the launch of a new multi-million dollar payback marketing campaign. The new ‘Ready. Together. Georgia.’ countryside calls on travelers to get out and explore.


TravelPulse spoke with Mariana Costa, Executive Creative Director of Blue Sky and Mark Jaronski, Georgia Tourism Chief and Deputy Commissioner, Explore Georgia about the state campaign. These two have been central to the state’s tourism revival agenda, and they offer travelers a fresh take on all the places this great state needs to explore.

Driftwood Beach fishing pier, Jekyll Island, Georgia. (Photo via elan7t50 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TravelPulse (TP): “Ready. Together. Georgia. ”Is the state’s new travel marketing campaign to kickstart stimulus efforts for tourism. What are some of its key initiatives?

Mark Jaronski (MJ): Increase visits and support the resumption of tourism in the state. The campaign is focused on listening to our visitors and adapting to their needs. We want to capture the growing demand for travel by meeting travelers where they are now. After last year they are good to go!

Tallulah Gorge in Georgia, United States (Photo via SeanPavonePhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Tallulah Gorge in Georgia, United States (Photo via SeanPavonePhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TP: What was the key vision of the campaign?

Mariana Costa (MC): After the heaviness and isolation of the pandemic, we wanted to connect with the hope and positivity that comes from vaccination efforts. People were not able to travel, or at least not as they usually do, and these urges to explore and discover new things were suppressed. With Loan. Together. Georgia. we aim to encourage this exploration in a truly active and supportive way. There was so much rest and waiting, it was a way to relaunch the journey and the joy it brings. Beyond the broad vision of reviving tourism as we enter a post-vaccination era, we have sought to demonstrate the many unique experiences and perspectives within Georgia. It is meant to feel very open, full of possibilities, and as if you can choose your own adventure and just… go. We invite travelers to come immerse themselves in Georgia as it emerges from the pandemic.

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia
PHOTO: Downtown Atlanta, Georgia at night. (photo via AndreyKrav / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TP: How were the destinations selected for the official Explore Georgia 2021 travel guide? And will there be more travel guides produced in the future?

MJ: The cover features images of destinations representing every part of our state with the call to action – EXPLORE. Each letter and the state provide an overview of some of the state’s most inspiring and unexpected destinations, urging consumers to dig deeper into the guide to find out more. We have produced multiple versions of the state’s official Explore Georgia Travel Guide each year for over 20 years, as we continue to see demand for a full collateral document, especially at our nine Visitor Information Centers at across the state. We will continue to assess consumer demand for the travel guide on an annual basis.

Helen, Georgia cityscape
PHOTO: Downtown Helen Square in Helen, Georgia cityscape. (photo via SeanPavonePhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TP: How will the multi-million dollar stimulus campaign impact the state’s tourism and hospitality sector as a whole?

MJ: The campaign will continue to strengthen our recovery efforts, helping our state’s tourism industry get back on its feet and welcome more visitors to Georgia. The travel and tourism industry is an important part of Georgia’s economy and, like the rest of the world, was badly affected in 2020. “Loan. Together. Georgia. “Will help us capture visitor interest as travelers convert a year of pent-up demand into actionable travel plans, increasing the number of visits and the resulting visitor spending, leisure and hospitality jobs. , and local and national tax revenues.

Providence Canyon in southwest Georgia, United States.
Providence Canyon in southwest Georgia, United States (Photo via Sean Pavone / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TP: Getting out and exploring the state is a huge push for ‘Ready. Together. Georgia. “Is there a must-see attraction that you would tell a native Georgian to visit? What about someone from out of state?

MJ: That’s what’s great about Georgia! The number of diverse tourism assets across the state ensures that families, couples, groups of friends and more have plenty of experiences to choose from – from the coast to the mountains and to every town, small town and rural destination in between. both – to meet their needs.

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MC: There are places that I discovered in the process of developing this campaign and was thrilled to go out and see. Few Georgians seem to know Providence Canyon, which is beautiful and only a few hours from Atlanta. On my list is to go to Fort Mountain in North Georgia, which has the ruins of a mysterious ancient wall. For visitors from out of state, I would go a step further. There is so much to do and see around Atlanta: The High Museum, Aquarium, Ponce City Market, World of Coke, Center for Civil & Human Rights, College Football Hall of Fame, the trails and tubes around Chattahoochee etc. And I think a lot of non-Georgians don’t really know that there are beaches and full islands here.

TP: What do you think Georgia is doing right that other states should emulate when it comes to the travel industry?

MJ: That we constantly meet consumers where their state of mind is. Things can change quickly and we are constantly monitoring and adapting. After last year, it’s ready, ready, go… ready. Together. Georgia!

MC: The state does not categorize itself; we don’t focus on just one thing. It helps us speak to a larger audience and not put all of our eggs in one basket. In some areas it’s just the mountains or the beach or the food or the history, but through our touchpoints we cover a bit of everything. It helps to show the open nature of Georgia travel.

TP: May is National Travel Counselor Month – How can Travel Counselors work with Explore Georgia?

MJ: Our team is dedicated to working with travel counselors and connecting them with our partners in the Georgian tourism industry to share the many destinations, routes, accommodations, experiences and more that will meet any travel planning needs. of their customers. Travel counselors can visit to find more information and get in touch with our team members.

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