Virgin Atlantic to test IATA Travel Pass and TrustAssure


Virgin Atlantic will launch IATA Travel Pass and TrustAssure trials on some of its flights from April and March respectively.

Starting April 16, 2021 and for one month, Virgin Atlantic will require passengers traveling to Barbados from London-Heathrow to use the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass smartphone app. . Participants will download the app to their smartphones and create a digital ID with a profile photo, passport information and COVID-19 credentials.


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Singapore International Airlines has become the first airline in the world to launch live trials with the IATA Travel Pass. Virgin Atlantic is the first airline in the UK to begin these trials. The app is currently being considered by governments around the world to help travelers easily verify that they meet the health criteria required to travel abroad. Future versions of the app will also include vaccination records.

Effective March 29, 2021, Virgin Atlantic will begin implementing TrustAssure for customers traveling to the United States to digitally verify COVID-19 test results. Each customer’s documentation can be downloaded via the TrustAssure website and can be validated in less than two minutes. Customers will then receive a QR code to check in for their flight.

The IATA Travel Pass and TrustAssure store personal information locally on users’ phones, so users have full control over how their information is used or shared.

“Alongside the UK’s successful vaccination program and accompanied by a gradual risk-based easing of restrictions, we can see a flight path to enable the safe restart of large-scale international travel soon, in time for summer,” said Cornell Koster, Chief Customer and Operations Officer, Virgin Atlantic. “When the skies reopen, rapid and affordable testing combined with the integration of digital health will be key to streamlining and simplifying the customer experience, making border health checks manageable and building consumer confidence. Governments, industry and technology companies must work together to lead the adoption of digital solutions with common global standards accepted at borders.

For more information, please visit Virgin Atlantic.

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